Cadmium Oxide Powder

Cadmium Oxide Powder
Product Description


We are a Gujarat, India based organization, engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting a premium grade Cadmium Oxide Powder, which is a common by product of zinc refining. This is an odorless brown crystal or amorphous powder that is popularly used in electroplating semiconductors, batteries, as an active agent in pigments, for making glass, ceramic glazes etc. At our state-of-the-art laboratory, we make this cadmium oxide through oxidization process or burning elemental cadmium in the air with other compounds such as nitrate or carbonate. We offer this cadmium oxide powder to our clients in different quantities, safe packaging and at most affordable rates.

Additional information:

  • A regulated and marked area should be established, where cadmium powder is handled, used or stored
  • Cadmium powder reacts violently with magnesium, aluminum and ammonium perchlorate, when heated and can cause fire or explosion
  • The cadmium powder should be handled with utmost care as its inhalation or contact with skin or eyes can have adverse effects


Cadmium Oxide Powder


Na2o 0.009% Fe 0.229% Zr 0.006% Pr 0.006%
Mg0 0.489% Co 0.000% Nb 0.000% Nd 0.008%
Al203 0.013% Ni 0.182% Mo 0.001% Hf 0.000%
Sio2 0.604% Cu 0.039% Ag 0.221% Ta 0.051%
P203 0.016% Zn 2.020% Cd 94.460% W 0.186%
Sio2 2.950% Ga 0.022% Sn 0.072% Hg 0.000%
CI 0.261% Ge 0.000% Sb 0.000% TI 0.004%
L20 1.270% As 0.027% Te 0.018% Pb 0.486%
Ca0 0.543% Se 0.000% I 0.000% Bi 0.000%
Ti02 0.031% Br 0.007% Cs 0.000% Th 0.008%
V 0.005% Rb 0.002% Ba 0.000% U 0.002%
Cr 0.003% Sr 0.009% La 0.000%

Ma 0.014% Y 0.000% Ce 0.000%


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